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General Questions

Can I donate to WHWF without becoming a member?

Absolutely! You can make a one-time or recurring donation here.

Will WHWF still host the Annual Luncheon?

Of course! We love the opportunity to bring our supporters together each year and can't wait to gather in person May 2022 at the Spokane Convention Center.

What is the time commitment required for members?

WHWF is a “No Guilt” organization – and we mean it! There is no required time commitment and your vote is perk of your membership. We offer different ways to be engaged. You can be involved at whatever level makes sense for you. No meetings or events are mandatory for members.

Do I have to be invited to join as a member? Is membership open to men?

Everyone is invited! Membership is open to all.

Is my membership contribution tax deductible?

Yes! Women Helping Women Fund (WHWF) is a 501c(3) public charity registered with Washington State Secretary of State. Every gift qualifies for the maximum charitable income tax deduction permitted by law. EIN 91-1561874

Can I use a matching gift to pay for my membership?

Absolutely, and you will still earn all the benefits of membership. Simply indicate the name of the matching entity and amount in the comment section during signup.

Are there any benefits if I contribute more than $600?

We love working with generous givers! The more you give, the more we can collectively give back to the community! If you pledge $2,500 or more, you will be recognized as a Pioneer Circle Member and receive an invitation to a VIP event and complimentary Annual Luncheon admission.

How can I join the Pioneer Circle?

You qualify to join the Pioneer Circle if you meet one of the following criteria: You join as an individual member and pledge $2,500 or more. OR You join as an individual member with a minimum $600 contribution and include WHWF in your legacy planning, have a lifetime gift amount of $15,000+, or are a past WHWF Board Member. If you are unsure if you have a lifetime gift amount of $15,000+, contact our office.

When will my contribution be used to fund grants?

Contributions made through June 30, 2021 will be dispersed in June 2021 during the 2021-22 grant cycle. Contributions made after June 30, 2021 will be dispersed in June 2022 during the 2022-23 grants cycle.

What are the Nonprofit Connect and Spotlight Session opportunities?

The monthly Nonprofit Connect highlights the work of a local nonprofit. Currently we are offering these virtually. In the future we hope to offer these as hands-on volunteer opportunities or in-person site/program tours. Each Spotlight Session will feature a topic such as collective giving, early learning access, food insecurity, homelessness, etc. Both of these opportunities will help members to better understand the issues women and children face, how local nonprofits are making a difference, and how to get more involved! Take a peek at some of our past Nonprofit Connects and Spotlight Session,

Grant Cycle/Voting Questions

How much experience do I need to participate in the grants process?

None! We provide the information and instuctions that you need to make effective, informed decisions as part of our grants process.

How do I sign up to participate in the grants process?

All members will receive invitations via email for all stages of our annual grants process – so keep an eye on your inbox and make sure to add us to your Safe Senders list! Oh, and if you aren't already, please follow us on social for the latest information.

When will a be able to participate in the grants process?

Members who join this year will participate in the 2022-23 grant cycle.Below is an overview of the timeline (click the photo to expand).

I'm an Exploring Member. Will the voting process be any different for me?

The voting process will be the same. The only difference is that your vote will be weighted as a half vote when our office calculates the results.


Anaplasma platys Material: Sangue EDTa Babesia sp Material: Sangue EDTA

Brucelose (Brucella sp)
Material: Sangue EDTA + urina. Tecido de placenta fresco (preferencial); baço, fígado e rins fetais; Conteúdo estomacal fetal; Swab prepucial ou vaginal (SEM meio de transporte)

Material: Sangue EDTA + urina + swab conjuntinal seco (SEM meio de transporte) Líquor (0,5 mL); Sistema nervoso central e bexiga (colhidos em necropsia).

Coronavírus canino entérico 

Material: 5 g fezes frescas (frasco estéril)

Coronavírus felino (PIF) mRNA
Material: líquido peritoneal. Tecido com granuloma (colhidos em necropsia)

Cytauxzoon feliz
Material: Sangue EDTA

Ehrlichia sp
Material: Sangue EDTA

Ehrlichia canis
Material: Sangue EDTA

Febre maculosa
Material: Sangue EDTA

Giardia sp
Material: 5 g fezes frescas (frasco estéril)

Imunodeficiência viral felina (FIV)
Material: Sangue EDTA. Aspirado de medula óssea ou linfonodo

Leishmania sp
Material: Aspirado linfonodo, aspirado de medula óssea, swab conjuntival

Lepstopira sp
Material: Sangue EDTA + urina

Leucemia viral felina (FeLV)
Material: Sangue EDTA. Aspirado medula óssea ou linfonodo